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Where do we begin?!

Technology…IT…computers…hardware…software…cloud and more are all terms that you will have most definitely heard of and more than likely give you a migraine or even stop listening when something “techy” or computer related is being explained. How many times have you heard or said “I don’t understand computers…”, “Technology has changed so much…”, “Technology is moving so fast these days…”, “Why won’t it just do what I need?” We have heard this many, many times from family and friends. We wanted to see how we could address the difficulties of understanding technology in the workplace whilst helping your small business handle your technological needs. Thus VaraTech was born! 

From introducing you to the major advantages of using a cloud based infrastructure to supplying you with brand new equipment to providing first class cyber security, we will make it easy for you to decide. We will help you maintain your environmental duties and most importantly, TEACH businesses, like yours, about how their systems work and how to use them effectively.

Your business is you. You are your business. You look after your business just the same way you look after yourself. Your business is your baby, your pride and joy, your life, your bragging rights to family and friends that you see at a family events. You want to focus on your clients and customers with your outstanding service and products and not have to give the computers and software a second thought. After all, you just need the computer to do exactly what is needed in your business and still perform like a new computer in 3-5 years’ time. 


Technology is our passion and it is our mission to help educate small and medium sized businesses on the technology that we provide for them as well as lead the way when it comes to Network & Cyber security as well as technological advancements. Did you know that small and medium sized businesses are the most likely business demographic to be targeted by hackers and scammers resulting in a data breach and/or financial loss? Did you also know that the majority of data breaches in recent years have been attributed to human error and could have been prevented with some basic knowledge and education?

Let’s Plan to Succeed

We want to ensure that you understand the products and services we provide to you and your business and how to use them correctly and with best practice. The reason we think it is important that we do this with you is that it allows you:

1. To plan more effectively for the future of your business, 

2. Make informed choices,

3. And understand the importance of educating you and your workforce in protecting your business from cyber-attacks. 

We will talk to you like a human being and cut the jargon. 

Locate Us

VaraTech has the privilege of being based in 2 major cities of the UK – Manchester and London. We are a company who believes service should be at the forefront centred on simplicity, education and security.

You Matter

VaraTech UK prides itself on making IT simple and affordable without compromising security and quality. We supply you with a Cloud platform as the core of your infrastructure which is flexible, secure and easy to use. Alongside that, we can supply you with brand new equipment on lease terms with full support, VOIP telephony and mobile connectivity solutions. Don’t worry about your old equipment either as we will remove and recycle it for you ensuring that they are 100% recycled and won’t end up in landfill.

With technology at the forefront of every single business whether you are a Dental or Doctors practice looking after hundreds of patients, local independent Estate Agent, Solicitors firm, Accounting firm, Architect – you name it, your business matters. Our platforms and pricing structure are easy to follow so you can quickly see how they benefit you without getting bogged down in tech jargon.

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