Where did it all begin?

VaraTech has been built through sheer determination to succeed in the technology industry. Through the various levels of inspiration, our enjoyment for sharing the world of technology has led us here.


We wanted to see how we could address the difficulties of understanding technology in the workplace whilst helping your small business handle your technological needs. Thus VaraTech was born!


From introducing you to the major advantages of using a cloud-based infrastructure to supplying you with brand new equipment to providing first-class cybersecurity, we will make it easy for you to decide.


We will help you maintain your environmental duties and most importantly, TEACH businesses, like yours, about how their systems work and how to use them effectively.


Educating your Team

Technology is our passion and it is our mission to help educate small and medium-sized businesses on the technology that we provide for them as well as lead the way when it comes to Network & Cybersecurity as well as technological advancements.


Did you know that small and medium-sized businesses are the most likely business demographic to be targeted by hackers and scammers resulting in a data breach and/or financial loss?


Did you also know that the majority of data breaches in recent years have been attributed to human error and could have been prevented with some basic knowledge and education?

Our Values

Client Focused

Our clients always come first, with a straightforward approach that provides a strong relationship between our team and yours.

Security First

Security is not a luxury, but an essential part of protecting any business in the digital age. We take a security-first approach.


We go above and beyond in helping our clients and their teams get much more value from their technology by providing education.


We keep the technical jargon out of the conversations we have with clients. We're focused on the right business, not technology solutions.

Let’s Plan to Succeed

We want to ensure that you understand the products and services we provide to you and your business and how to use them correctly and with best practice. The reason we think it is important that we do this with you is that it allows you to:


1. Plan more effectively for the future of your business.

2. Make informed choices.

3. Understand the importance of educating you and your workforce in protecting your business from cyber-attacks.


We will talk to you like a human being and cut the jargon.

Looking to help save the planet?

With a carbon-neutral data centre, the environment is truly at the top of our list. We care not only about our clients but the world around us, when we take away your old, disused equipment, we recycle it, we don’t just throw it.


Help us save the planet, one solution at a time.

Client Insights

Technology Insights