Welcome to VaraTech

Where technology is made simple. Simplicity, education and security are the three key customer-centric pillars we use in taking away all of your IT headaches.


Small to medium-sized businesses across London and Manchester rely upon us as their trusted partner for affordable and reliable IT systems, which don’t compromise on stability or security.


If your IT is causing you challenges, or you would like to get more value from your technology, please get in touch with the team today to see how we can help.

Technology made simple

What technology challenges are you looking to solve?

Improve your IT Support

Improve the value for money, proactively or speed of response from your IT partner.

Secure your Business data

Better defend against threats or meet regulatory compliance challenges.

Working Remotely

Meet new working challenges by better connecting your team wherever they are.

Improve Communications

Communicate better with all stakeholders whether colleagues, clients, or partners.

Control your costs

Get your IT expenditure in-hand or use the power of IT to drive savings elsewhere.

Our Difference


We demystify IT by dropping the tech-talk. Focusing instead on your needs and challenges, talking in your language.

Security First

Cyber Security is now an absolutely essential part of day to day business life. We strive to put our customer's ahead of tomorrow's threats.


We help you and your team get far more value from the technology you use by providing education and guidance.

Keep Ahead

We believe it is our responsibility to predict your future needs, identify and road map tech solutions that help.


Choosing to defend your data is no longer a luxury, it is now essential. Not only is the risk of becoming a victim of cyber crime is constantly on the rise, but so is the burden of legislation and regulatory compliance. Achieve peace of mind and be compliant with our support.

How VaraTech can help

IT Support

Your complete IT department for a single monthly fee. Proactive, unlimited remote and on-site support for more value from your tech.

Cyber Security

Affordable and effective defence against evolving risk of cyber crime. Defend against data and financial loss.

Remote Working

Cloud services and applications that keep your team productive and efficient, wherever or whenever they are working.


From VoIP (Voice-over-IP) to instant messaging and email, we provide comprehensive, cost effective communication services.


Meet ‘new working world’ challenges by modernising your IT. By leveraging the power of the cloud, you can empower your workforce to be functional from wherever you need them to work, drive efficiency and cut costs.

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