The Digital Revolution of your IFA – The potential benefits

In the previous article, we established that technology is the driving force for businesses all over the globe, and this shows no signs of changing. Recent technological advancements – and our reliance on them – has only reinforced this fact.

Business owners have had to learn – and fast – that the potential benefits that come from the right, correctly implemented, well managed IT can be enormous. The right technology can solve some of the operational challenges that you may feel are holding your business back (as we explained in the previous blog, this is referred to as a Digital Transformation).

We also explained that, before undergoing a transformation, you must dissect your organisation and get to the root of the challenges that you and your team face every day – doing this will guarantee that you implement the right digital solution for the way that you choose to do business. But what are the potential benefits of a Digital Transformation?


A Digital Transformation – The potential benefits

Improved team well-being

It can be challenging to keep your team’s morale at productive levels if they are using poor IT. Using technology that isn’t capable of doing the job is not only counterproductive but also extremely frustrating for professionals who want to perform their tasks to the best possible standard. A digital experience that is fast, easy to navigate, and easily learnable is priceless to a capable, hardworking team.


Commercially beneficial

If your team are using tools that work correctly then they are going to be happier, leading them to work harder and therefore produce more, better quality, work. Simply, using up-to-date, especially selected tools, will improve productivity and, most importantly, your profitability.



Modern tech is designed to be flexible – it will have the ability to scale up and down according to the requirements of your organisation. Traditionally, you would pay a sum of money each month for a certain number of users, but what if – due to unforeseen circumstances – your organisation has to shrink rapidly, or you go through a period of exponential growth? A modern solution can be a monthly subscription which allows you to pay for the service you actually use rather than the service you anticipated in advance that you would need.


Regulatory compliance

If best security practice is always used when operating the new system, you can be confident that you are always compliant. New technology is usually designed with features built in – or add-ons – that allow you to feel confident that you are secure 100% of the time.

Let’s now take a look at the options that are out there.


The options on the market

A Cloud-based file server

A Cloud-based file server is the future of business IT. A Cloud-based file server is a virtual server (rather than a physical server) running in a Cloud Computing environment and is perfect if you have specific applications or databases that need hosting.


Cloud-based file-sharing system

Cloud-based file sharing (online file sharing) is a system in which a user has their own storage space on a server, and everything is carried out over the Internet. It is a good system and has its benefits, but it can be difficult to implement a security protocol or information when needed ethos surrounding your and your clients’ data due to user permissions not being ring-fenced.


An on-site file server with a VPN/Remote Desktop Connection

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) / Remote Desktop connection is a viable option for some, with its ability to perform anonymous information transactions, but, for the less technically familiar/ able, some find it difficult. It is also, unfortunately, completely reliant on a stable and unfaltering internet connection and constant device support.


SharePoint implementation

SharePoint by Microsoft is continually growing in popularity (as an accumulation of SharePoint within Microsoft 365’s range of tools) and is a more than capable set up for many. Businesses all over the globe are using Microsoft’s suite of tools somewhere in their organisation, making this the logical choice for the majority. With SharePoint, your team can access documents from anywhere.

These are just some of the many different digital solutions available on the market today.


A smooth transformation for your organisation

Our team of experts will assist you in adopting the right tools for your HR Agency. We will implement and maintain the tools to guarantee the advanced levels of data security, communication, and efficiency necessary within your business to be successful. Security is not a luxury but an essential part of protecting any business in the digital age – this is why we take a security-first approach, and it is this, along with our expertise in modern interactive tools, which allows us to make a guarantee to you that your communication and levels of efficiency will increase, in turn allowing you and your team to be more productive

We go above and beyond in helping our clients and their teams get much more value from their technology by providing knowledge and training whenever needed and will educate your employees to ensure they are capable of applying their best efforts to guarantee the security and success of your organisation. We guarantee that our clients always come first, with a straightforward approach that reinforces a strong relationship between our team and yours. Contact us now and find out how we can help your business go into the future with a capable team and the correct tools.