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Here it is! Your ready-made IT Infrastructure! It’s simple really –

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From only £169 per user, per month

What more do you need?!

We don’t want to fill up this space with jargon so let us briefly explain what all of that is.

Cloud Hosted Desktop

Cloud services are very versatile, flexible and cost effective. With our Cloud Services implemented in to your business, it will allow you and your business: 

a. Greater flexibility and scalability,

b. Improved cash flow and predictable budget,

c. Around 30%-50% saving on your IT budget,

d. Up to 20% increased productivity, efficient and responsive collaboration  

e. A reduction in carbon emissions and energy use.

This leaves you with more time to focus on your business development and support your customers and clients.

The Cloud works just like a regular desktop except it is hosted in the cloud. (By cloud, we mean our data centre in the UK). It works and acts just like Windows does on your PC or laptop. When you use it, you won’t notice that the desktop is hosted in the cloud. The difference is that the desktop, applications and all of your data are stored in the cloud which means several key things: –

You are secure

The cloud desktop we supply is extremely secure! The connection to your cloud desktop is encrypted, you are protected by a virtual and a physical firewall, includes 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) and includes a robust anti-malware and spam protection.

Your data is secure

Since your data is stored in the cloud and not on a physical machine, any loss, theft or breakdown of a device does not mean you have lost all of your data. Simply log in to another computer and voila! Everything is there for you safe and secure which means you can carry on working.

Your data is backed up

Unless you delete it, your data is backed up. (Even then, we could still recover a deleted file if you had accidentally deleted it.) We make backups of your data and store it in our secondary data centre, so you can be rest assured that you will have access to your data 24/7/365. This also avoids the need for a separate backup service with your onsite server, which would be costly.

You can work from anywhere in the world

No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection, you will have access to your cloud desktop and files. You will have access if you go to see a client at their place of work, or if you want to close a deal and have your client start the sales process immediately, you can have the digital paperwork ready for them to sign and approve. More importantly, you can use our cloud desktop solution as a tool to give your team a better work/life balance such as working from home. Research shows that a harmonious work/life balance = increased productivity as well as a happier team. (Source – )

No need for an onsite server

We all know space can be at a premium in an office so that’s why our solution takes away the need for having an onsite server. Why would you want a server mounted on a wall or in a dedicated air conditioned room, making a lot of noise when you can remove it, have it in the cloud and use the space saved for something useful like a games room? Sorry, we meant a conference room. You will also be doing the earth a small justice by not having to supply electricity to a power hungry piece of equipment. And you will save some money on your energy bills too.

We include software to get you started

Your cloud solution will come with the following software, as standard, so that you can get working straight away: –

a) Windows 10 Professional (That’s a given, the whole platform is based on it!)

b) Microsoft Office Standard 2016 – Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. (Unfortunately, we cannot run Office 365 within the environment)

c) Adobe Acrobat Reader

d) Google Chrome (and the usual Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge browsers)

We can add the software that you use

With our Cloud Hosted Desktop, you can still add your own software. So whatever software you use to make your business successful, we can deploy it centrally and configure it for you.

Plenty of storage included

You will not be short of storage for you data as we give each user 1TB worth of storage with your cloud solution, as standard. What’s better is that the storage can be pooled together as 1 giant pool of storage. For example, if you have 5 users; that would mean that you will have 5TB worth of storage collectively. 10 users would be 10TB of storage collectively and so on. If you do need more storage than what you have, then let us know and we can assess your needs.

Waste not, Want not

We want to do our utmost best to be environmentally savvy by providing you with a solution which does not waste energy unnecessarily. That is why your cloud solution has been built to be as energy efficient as possible. From using PC’s, laptops and other hardware which are Class A energy efficient to recycling your old hardware, all the way through to our data centres being carbon neutral. Scroll down to the recycling section below for more info.

PC or Laptop leased

Nearly 40% of businesses keep their tech longer than 5 years due to the expensive capital outlay needed to upgrade. Normally, when setting up or upgrading your IT infrastructure, you need to buy a whole lot of expensive kit which then needs to be setup and tested etc. and could take a while, whilst incurring costs. And normally, paying for this kit would mean paying thousands (if not 10’s of thousands) upfront using your hard earned capital (or maybe using a business loan).

With our equipment leasing services, you don’t need to worry about expensive up-front capital expenditure and compromising on equipment specifications to fit your budget. We have got around this problem for you by firstly removing your need to purchase an expensive server(s) and secondly by supplying you with PC’s and/or laptops on lease terms. This means that your upfront costs are drastically reduced and you would be paying a predictable, fixed price every month (don’t worry, this cost is already included in our CirroStratus and AltoStratus bundle price) which will massively aid your cash flow.

What’s more is that when you renew your contract with us, we will remove and recycle your old PC’s and/or Laptops and replace them with new ones so you don’t need to worry about using unsecure and obsolete equipment.

Should your PC or Laptop develop a fault then don’t worry, all PC’s and laptops come with a minimum 3 year warranty as standard.

Cloud Telephony

What is the point in having a cloud solution without having a way for your new clients to contact you? (Yes, you do have e-mail but you need a phone number so your clients can reach you). That’s why we will include a cloud telephony solution for your business as part this package. It will include a separate line, broadband subscription and the cloud handsets (The line rental and broadband would be used for your Cloud telephony ONLY, assuming your office already has an internet connection for data).

*Ring Ring* – “Hello, new business!”

Need business mobile phone contracts or mobile broadband for on the go? Let us know and we can tailor a solution for you.

Other Telephony and Connectivity

In addition to our Cloud Telephony, we can also offer individually, to your business, the options of: –

+ Broadband/Leased Lines Only

+ Business Mobile Phone Contracts

+ Business Mobile Broadband

So you won’t ever need to worry about being connected to the rest of your team.


We can’t, in all good consciousness, provide you with all of these amazing tools for your business without providing support for you and your solution. It’s a pain when technology goes wrong; and nobody wants to ring tech support and be put on hold until their call is answered. This is why we have built in support so that no matter what happens, we will fix it for you within 72 hours (usually next business day for hardware related issues. Software issues can vary from 1 – 72 hours). We actively monitor your network and hardware as well as pro-actively administer security patches and updates. Most issues will be resolved before you even notice! But on the odd occasion that we can’t deal with it remotely, just give us a call.

This is the beauty of your cloud desktop solution, your down time will only be as long as it takes you to log in to the cloud desktop using another computer and giving us a call to report the problem.

Anything software related e.g. updates, installation of new software etc. are handled by us centrally which means that you save money by not having an engineer come to site.

GDPR & Cyber Essentials Certification

Have you heard? GDPR is all the rage this season! With our Cyber Smart programme, which has been developed in collaboration with the UK Government, we can actively monitor your whole infrastructure to ensure you are GDPR compliant.

Not only that, our software will prove that you have systems in place to protect your customer data from being breached. You will receive a UK Government approved Cyber Essentials certification as well as a £25,000 Cyber insurance policy, backed and provided by the UK Government, should there be a breach after all measures are taken.

Let us support you and your business with regulatory and legislative compliance and security.


We touched on it briefly above regarding being environmentally savvy. VaraTech are keen to ensure that computer and other electronic equipment does not end up in landfill and is 100% recycled. That is why we will take away your old hardware and recycle them for you, FREE of charge. We will ensure that all hard drives are data wiped and provide you with a certificate of data destruction. Do you have old computer equipment you want to dispose of and recycle responsibly? Call us direct on 0203 920 8886 now or contact us via our contact form.

We Recycle Mobile Phones Too

Our recycling service is not just limited to computers. We can also recycle mobile phones. Just send them to us and we we will securely data-wipe them using the latest Blancco software (Android and iPhone Only) and provide you with certificate of data destruction. Do you have mobile phones to recycle? Call us direct on 0203 920 8886 now or contact us via our contact form.

Other fees

Yes! We do have other fees. We don’t want to surprise you with charges hidden within the terms and conditions. We want to be up front with you and tell you that we have additional fees but not all of them will apply as it will be dependent on the size of the project. Our additional fees include, but not limited to: –

+ Setup fees – This is the cost of setting up your infrastructure e.g. installation of your computer and telephony hardware.

+ Software setup – This is the cost of installing additional software e.g. an accounting package, CRM, etc. For security purposes, you must be able to prove that you hold the license rights to use the software before we can install and deploy.

+ Data Migration – This is the cost of transferring all of your data files and folders from your old infrastructure to the cloud. Please note that any applications using a SQL or similar database structure may incur additional charges and/or an alternate cloud solution.

+ Email migration – This is the cost to migrate your emails from your old application to the new. If you are already using a cloud based email application e.g. Google Mail, then you may not be charged as this should be readily accessible within the cloud desktop.

+ Additional peripherals not included within the bundle – This is the cost to buy additional peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, mice, printers etc.

+ Additional storage capacity – This is the cost for additional storage should you start to run low. We will always allow for growth but sometimes, you need more.

+ Emergency call out – We have built you a cloud solution that shouldn’t require you to call us out in an emergency as we handle everything centrally. However, on the rare occasion that you need us to attend your site in an emergency, this will be the hourly rate that will be charged.

+ Requests for insight data e.g. user information, login times etc. – If you require insight data, we can provide this for you and it may incur a small admin fee.


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