Obituary of Microsoft Windows 7

22nd October 2009 – 14th January 2020 (11 years)

Ok, so Windows 7 isn’t dead just yet but as of 14th January 2020, support for this awesome rendition of the Windows family will cease. Windows 7 was a massive improvement on both its predecessors – Windows XP and Windows Vista. (Truth be told, Windows 98 was a massive improvement on Vista!).

Windows 7 has only recently stopped dominating the Windows market accounting for just over 36% of the Windows family market share. Windows 10 in the meantime, caught up with just over 39% market share. This has all been down to Microsoft aggressively marketing Windows 10 for consumers and businesses to adopt. That being said, we expect a massive spike in Windows 10 adoption within small to medium sized businesses, in the next 18 months, especially considering Microsoft stopping the support for it next year (2020).

The Past

Windows 7 was an amazing operating system! It offered a lot more to the user in terms of usability, features and ease of use. For instance, Windows 7 grouped everything together in the Action Centre so you didn’t have to spend ages looking for a particular function. The media centre was simple and easy to use. The security by way of Microsoft Security Essentials was a damn sight better than XP and Vista combined! It was also less intrusive and worked in the background without slowing down your system. In fact, the FREE Security Essentials on Windows 7, actually used to rank in the top 3 for virus and malware protection compared with other paid versions of antivirus. Not bad for a freebie.

The Present

Since its introduction in 2015, Windows 10 has actually been very slow to be adopted. Not surprising really considering the debacle that was Windows 8/8.1. Microsoft took away our “Start” button! What kind of sick joke was that?! The “Start” button has been an institution in the Windows family since Windows 95 and it just works exceptionally well. It was restored, however, after a phenomenal backlash which hurt Microsoft’s bottom line. Windows 8/8.1 put a lot of people and businesses off from adopting Windows 10 as an upgrade/improvement to Windows 7.

But fear not. Windows 10 is not scary and it is your friend. Personally, I think it is a brilliant operating system! I have adopted it on all of my own personal and business computers and highly recommend it to friends, family and clients alike. It is very reminiscent of Windows 7 in the sense of the style and user interface, but a lot more powerful and a hell of a lot more secure. It is very simple to navigate and identifying issues are quite easy. The install size is 20GB (same as having 4-6 HD films on your computer) but even with a small 128GB SSD, it’s not that big.

The Future

Windows 10 was slow to be adopted but it is gaining more and more momentum every day. So what is the future of Windows 10? Well Windows 10 is the future. Believe it or not, Microsoft have said that Windows 10 will be their last operating system and will not be releasing another. They are adopting a Release and Update cycle. What that means is that Microsoft can add, remove and improve feature through their Windows update feature. This feature will also fix bugs and security holes in the software ensuring that you and your system remains as secure as possible. It hasn’t been without its issues though and this tends to be the big drawback for most businesses to delay/avoid the adoption of Windows 10. The most recent issue was with the Windows 1809 October 2018 update. This had caused many users to find things like files deleted to their machines failing completely. It was pulled until such time that they had resolved the issues. When they re-released it, having fixed the issues from the first version, a whole host of new issues arose causing them to pull it once again. It isn’t something that you expect from a tech giant like Microsoft. Even after saying this; I have installed the new update on all of my machines and so far *Touch wood* I have had no problems.


You have to remember that in life, there will always be problems with anything that you try and do. Sometimes, it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes it can be fixed. Microsoft, just like any of us, are ultimately a group of humans that have made errors but still endeavoured to fix them. In the same vein, Windows 10 is not perfect and I am not saying that it is. It is however perfect when it comes to day-to-day use and simplicity. This is ultimately what you need for your business. A simple yet powerful operating system where you can get on with your tasks for the day with minimal issues. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about it going out-of-date and purchasing a new operating system to upgrade your hardware. For me, this is a massive plus! VaraTech does recommend to all its clients to have Windows 10 machines and whether you purchase new computers and laptops outright or lease them from us, we make sure that all machines that we supply are shipped with Windows 10 already loaded and ready out of the box. And if something does go wrong, well that’s what we are here for, to support you and your business and make sure everything runs smoothly.

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